A Change of Pace

Ok, I haven’t posted in a while but there have been a lot of personal struggles in my life. However I bring news! I will be now creating a Trans game for my Honours Project at University. This means a restart because I actually need to research and stuff. Anyway, if you have any idea’s what aspect of Trans* life I should target, let me know.


OK, so a bit of an update here. I’ve been working on a sort off readme thing to help put down the main ideas of the game. If you check the bottom of this post you’ll find it linked from my Drop Box. Browse through it, it’s only three pages long so far.

So what’s next? Well I’ll keep working on that readme but I’ll think I’ll also work on the Story Flow Charts. Sounds dull I know but if I work out all the twists and turns of the story before begining writting it will make it a lot easier to see where I’ll need to go. This part will likely remain secret. However I will also likely soon start creating the scripts for the speechs. I’ll do this using an old method from Highschool, powerpoints with hyperlinks as this allows me to get people to dry run some of the conversations and the options people take before I actually start writting a game.

That brings me onto another point, I’m alone here, and my fortay is DESIGN, my programming sucks and whilst I am decent at art I have little capacity for game art beyond Pixel art (maybe you’d like that, comment and let me know!). So if you happen to be nifty with programming, or would like to do some artwork (whether its 3D or 2D, still not sure how I’ll make the world yet) then give us a hollar.


Thanks again my worthy fans (All two of you!) Emily

A Bit of an Apology

Ok, so I did no work the past three days but I have a good excuse. Whilst doing some research I came across the Web Comic Venus Envy, a brilliant tale about a Transsexual girls life. Not based on a true story it does tend to get a little wacky (the masterbation arc is brilliant!) and nonsensical but the way it combines TG themes and the humour makes it enjoyable. I really suggest you go and read it (here’s a link – http://www.venusenvycomic.com/index.php?id=2) but be warned that updates are kinda sporadic recently, and I blitzed it in two days.

Now notice I said two days, but no work has been done for three. Well, without giving anything away, where the tale currently sits scares me very much so, so much I spent last night and most of today curled up crying. The last time I wept for a fictional character like that was Frodo’s “death” at the hands of that spider Shcelob (I read the book and that scene drags on forever, and is very heartrenching). Really annoyingly this was my first full day in “girl” mode and if I didn’t know better I’d say I had my period (I think that joke was a little bad taste…).

So yeah I’m sorry, I promise to do some more over the rest of the week. On the plus side I have written down the four game resources! Can you guess what they are? (Although I do think I’ve mentioned a couple in the introduction)

Peace out y’all, Emily

Finding Me – An Introduction

Some time ago I was with a couple of my Trans* friends at the pride Scotia event in Edinburgh. Being a game designer I inevitably brought up the topic of games and Trans* presence in games. One of my friends suggested the idea that a game could involve you turning people into the opposite gender. Whilst this was made as a little joke it got me thinking. There a couple of indie games that deal with Trans* people, however it is often a personal story. What if we made a game where the player guides a character that they choose how the react, guided them through their own Transition and dealt with the problems in their own way.

From this came the idea of Finding Me, a game revolving guiding a person through their Transition. In the game you would create an Avatar, but this wasn’t the Character. Instead this was the person the Character saw themselves as. This meant that if you created a Male Avatar, your character would be female, and would need to Transition to presenting as a man. The same goes for female Avatar being male and needing to Transition to presenting as a woman.

So I had an idea of what I wanted to create, but how should this Transition occur? I bounced several ideas inside my head. A gritty horror styled game with monsters based on things that Trans* people must face? No, I’m trying to help people, not scare them away. How about a platformer where you need to collect various items to aid your Transition? This idea was not serious enough and people might see Transition as a bit of fun and not necessary.

Then I came up with an idea I liked. This idea had the player navigate through a world, discovering not only the troubles facing Trans* people but overcoming them and seeing that it is not all difficulties. The game would have a life bar based on Confidence, gained by positive things and lost by negative things. The player could buy clothes and accessories for the character to help them Transition and would be able to decide how to Transition.

So now you have a basic idea of what I plan to create and where the idea came from. By next week I hope to have a bit more of the design aspects written down so that anyone interested can let me know if they like the idea.

Thanks all for reading, for more info email to little.emerald.games@gmail.com